Angry Tree Earth Defenders on the Frontlines

A awesome book from a great activist. I rate it up there with some of my favorite books I read this year. Get Crusties Book!

Red Cover Final

This book of historical fiction is seen through the eyes of an Earth First! activist during his first 4 years on the frontlines. His main campaign was blocking logging roads in the unprotected wilderness of Cove Mallard Idaho.

An ebook is available at  If you don’t have a Kindle, IPad or a Smart phone, you can download a version formatted to read on your computer. Also you can view my profile at

Below is a full, uncut excerpt from Angry Tree: Earth Defenders on the Frontlines.

Hitting the Fan

The tree village’s strength is clearly reflected by escalated assaults on us. Feds established a 24 hour watch below the two tree sitters to starve or dehydrate them out. Support camp consisted of 4 people when Lauren and I arrived. With the removal of Marcos and Amelia, our numbers remain at four.

As night falls, Joe rants a…

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