operator keys


This is the operator key for a caterpillar, every piece of caterpillar heavy equipment  built  after Carter was president uses this same key. The only thing that has changed about it is the top design.

Most heavy equipment will have an operator key that is unique to the manufacturer but the same for all models they produce. Some like John Deer and Case have 2 or more but the excavator key operates all their excavators, the bulldozer is for all their bulldozers ect. Often the operator key will also open all the locks on the equipment, this is especially true of caterpillar.

The operator key is purchased very easily at any dealership with cash usually they are 5 bucks or less. Get a few, they are good to have in case of zombies and such. Most of this equipment is used on farms, it is not uncommon for people to loose a key.

examples of the most common…




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