There is a hemorrhage in our movement, some of the knowledge and skills that once made us a threat are becoming more and more specialized. If you are an Earth First!er for more than a year you should know how to identify a dozer from a skidder in the woods after dark. You should know where it is safe to lock onto a piece of equipment. You should have the opportunity to learn how to weld up awesome lock-boxes. You should have the opportunity to get training on how to become a mechanic, welder, wrencher, or any trade we represent . The Earth First! Mechanic’s Guild is being formed to create a knowledge pool to teach those “redneck” skills that currently reside in the heads of a few. We are a space for Mechanics, Welders, Blacksmiths, & Wrenchers in Earth First! We want to teach you everything we know and we want to learn from you.

We acknowledge that not everyone has had access to mechanical and technical training and we will be designing options for all skill levels. We are devising a system to allow the Guild to function in a street medic like system. Trainers have experience, all other guild members are educated to be trainers. The guild has no hierarchy, except when in a class room environment, we strive to be a guild of equals. No Earth First!er with the desire to learn is kept from the guilds knowledge (except the infiltrators, cops, freddies, informers and industry ass-hats). The guilds aim is to diversify our knowledge so that eventually every type of machinery, equipment or vehicle has a trainer experienced in it’s soft underbelly. We wish to set up trainings so that non guild interested folks can gain basic maintenance knowledge to allow them to be more self sufficient. We do not fix your junky EF! Vehicles, we teach you to do it.

We have set up http://EFMechanicsGuild.wordpress.com to post videos and tips we find useful. We will be creating an online resource of industry recognized training information to allow those interested to become mechanics and further out knowledge base. In the future we hope to have real world hands on training options at all EF! Gatherings or radical environmental spaces where we are welcomed. Our goals are ambitious, but the need is great.

Earth First! Mechanic’s Guild.
Enemies of the Machine.


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